A 99 hour performance



Directors: Simona Gonella (Italy) ja Peader Kirk (UK)
Creators-performers: students from MA in Contemporary Physical Performance Making (CPPM): Agnes Oberauer (Austria), Iveta Pole (Latvia), Joonas Tagel (Estonia), Keithy Kuuspu (Estonia), Lea Sekulic (Croatia), Liisa Saaremäel (Estonia), Marshall Stay (Australia), Martina Buhagiar (Malta), Paolo Panizza (Italy), Ragnar Uustal (Estonia), Seren Oroszvary (Australia), Simona Medolago (Italy), SeoHwon Ji (South-Korea), Sylvia Köster (Estonia) and Giacomo Veronesi (Itaalia). Assistant Director: Giacomo Veronesi (Italy)
Designer: Emer Värk (Estonia)
Composer: Eduardo Agni (Brazil)
Lighting Designer: Priidu Adlas (Estonia)
Sound: Raido Linkmann (Estonia)
Video: Mikk-Mait Kivi (Estonia)
Costume: Moonika Lausvee (Estonia)
Project Management: **Maarja Kalmre **
Producers: **Jüri Nael ja Liina Jääts **
Co-producers: Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, eˉlektron

Premiere on 1 September 2020 in EAMT Blackbox (Tallinn)

The Project is supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment and European Union via European Developmental Fund (EMTASTRA).

After this moment … or still in this moment.
This long moment we are living in and living through.
The moment. Here and now, changing every second, different for each person.
Whatever it means, wherever it takes us … this moment asks questions.
How do we get together, who are with us, how do we share what we have. Together.
We don’t propose any easy answers but we want to struggle with the question.
We feel the need to explore, to dig in with you. We need to exhaust ourselves in this digging, this diving in. Because there is work to be done.
99 hours.
Being together, searching, establishing connection and staying connected, giving and receiving, watching, perceiving, listening. Non-stop.
99 hours.
We walk on the edge happy to never say we’re done. Never say we are not done. Never say the game is over.
We will perform for you non-stop. No let up. No giving in. A marathon. Never stop, never stop.
99 hours.
We keep going, but you are free to come and go.
Come and visit. Come and stay. Stay for as long or as short a time as you like. Come and see. Come and stay. Come and share.
Please be our guest.

Simona Gonella is a freelance director and dramaturg with a specific interest in contemporary plays, adaptation of classics, devising works and performing arts. She is a passionate teacher and traveler and she often does the two things together (at RADA Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, at FIT festival in Lugano, at Drama School in Milan, at ERT Drama School in Modena, among the others). She’s been directing shows in Italy, UK, Romania, Spain, Switzerland. As a dramaturg she works with the Switzerland Company Trickster-p, (world wide tour installations .H.G., B., Twilight, Nettles and Book is a book is a book) and with Italian director Carmelo Rifici (most recently on an original version of Macbeth and a brand new work on Galileo Galilei and questions about science is about to come). Dino Audino publishing has recently released her “Introduzione alla regia teatrale”, a handbook for directors. She’s also a professional counsellor, and works as a coach and trainer for various international companies.

Peader Kirk is an artist and director working in the fields of performance and sound art. His work has been shown at The Southbank Centre and The Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, The National Theatre of Greece in Athens, Academy of Fine Arts in Turin and The Hong Kong Repertory Theatre. The scale of the work ranges from intimate encounters in small rooms to large-scale public works in the urban environment. Peader makes work that engages directly with communities to ask questions about how we meet amidst difference and how we create change.
Peader also works with The BBC as a part of their development programme for new writers and as a mentor for emerging artists with hÅb, Manchester. While continuing to work with Mkultra Performance which he formed in 2000, Peader is also working with artists in the emerging field of Hip Hop Theatre and has directed work in this area for The Albany Theatre, London; Contact Theatre, Manchester and on national tour. Peader’s most recent academic publication was “The Performative Museum and the site constructive work of Mkultra” in Performance Research Journal published by Routledge.



Ei! See ei saa olla vastus. Postimees. Ott Karulin (18.09.2020)

Arvustus. Ka juhuslikest pusletükkidest võib tulla pilt. ERR kultuur. Saara Liis Jõerand (16.09.2020)

Liisa Saaremäel kestvuslavastusest: ma pole kindel, kas seda kõike praegugi hooman. ERR kultuur, allikas “Ringvaade” (8.09.2020)

Jüri Nael 99-tunnisest kestvuslavastusest: pärast isolatsiooni ei tahtnud 2-tunnist lavastust teha. ERR menu, allikas “Ringvaade” (1.09.2020)

Intervjuu: Jüri Nael – EMTA kaasaegsete etenduskunstide magistrantuuri tudengid toovad lavale 99-tunnise kestvuslavastuse „Kuhu minek“. Kuku Raadio Ärataja (1.09.2020)

Täna esietendub 99-tunnine kestvuslavastus „Kuhu minek“. Eesti Päevaleht (1.09.2020)

Täna esietendub 99-tunnine kestuslavastus. Postimees (1.09.2020)

Maratonlavastus töötab näitlejate ja publiku kannatlikkusega. Postimees (25.08.2020)