As part of the international contemporary performance festival CPPM Manifestal, a performance titled “Buy Me” by DongBin Lee is set to premiere this Friday, offering a provocative exploration into the commodification of humanity in a futuristic dystopia. Scheduled performances will take place on the 29th, 30th, and 31st of March and on the 1st of April, all starting at 19:00 in the EMTA black box, with an artist talk following the March 31st show.

Joining Lee are co-creator and performer Javier Cárcel Hidalgo-Saavedra (SPA), scenographer Madlen Hirtentreu (EST), lighting designer Priidu Adlas (EST), and sound designer About It (KOR). Produced by CPPM Manifestal and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, with support from the Estonian Cultural Endowment, “Buy Me” promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of humanity’s evolution in the face of relentless commodification.

DongBin Lee (1988), a traditional Korean artist residing in Tallinn, Estonia, is the creative force behind “Buy Me” as it is his graduation project from the MA in Contemporary Physical Performance Making (CPPM) course at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Lee’s work spans the realms of directorship, acting, and creation within the performative arts. Graduating from Chung-Ang University’s Department of Traditional Arts with a major in performing arts, Lee inherited the Bongsan mask dance, a crucial intangible cultural asset of Korean traditional art recently declared a UNESCO intangible heritage of humanity.

His artistic journey encompasses the exploration of theatre, art, and traditional dance, leading him to collaborate with diverse talents in Korea and Europe, garnering acclaim for his works. Recognized as an emerging traditional artist by the Namsan Gugak Center’s art support project in Seoul in 2020 and selected as an emerging artist in performing arts by the Korea Culture and Arts Committee in 2021, Lee’s dedication to his craft is evident.

“Buy Me” reflects Lee’s commitment to creating performances that resonate with audiences on multiple levels, emphasizing expressive abilities and the nuances of body and movement. His profound curiosity about human existence fuels his artistic exploration, delving into the intricacies of individual, social, and communal dynamics.


The CPPM Manifestal is a bespoke performance festival, created with the sole purpose of providing a platform for CPPM students to present their original works to a wide, international audience. Students have total creative freedom to choose who, where, and what form these final projects will take – works have ranged from large scale dance to intimate one-on-one experiences, promenade to immersive, from virtual to aural.

The festival’s program is international, showcasing in 2024 the work of 14 emerging artists from 11 different countries: Jennifer Bagg (Australia), DongBin Lee (South Korea), Rebecca Green (United States), Amy Reade (England), Javier Cárcel Hidalgo-Saavedra (Spain), Katia Skylar (Finland), Misia Żurek (Poland), Rasmus Jensen (Denmark), Sofia Filippou (Greece), Kymbali Williams (Estonia/Ghana/UK), Britt Kõrsmaa, Elo Tuule Järv, Kirte Jõesaar, Kreete Tarmo (all from Estonia). All projects are created specifically for the festival, presenting 14 new productions during the festival.

While the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre takes the lead in organizing the festival, it is carried out in collaboration with numerous partners, including venues such as Von Krahl Theatre, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Viimsi Artium, Vene teater, and more. Additionally, undiscovered venues like the ruins of Ungru Castle, Kiviõli ash mountains, Pirita TOP pool, Tallinn urban space, and various pop-up galleries will host performances. This year, CPPM Manifestal also features smaller sub-festivals, such as “Next Stop”, curated by Von Krahl, focusing on the relationship between the individual and society.

The first CPPM Manifestal took place in 2021, featuring noteworthy productions like Liisa Saaremäel’s “Tiny Home Productions Presents: Bigger Than Life” (in collaboration with ULM), which won the 2022 theatre award in the performing arts category. Keithy Kuuspu’s “False Falling” (in collaboration with STL) earned her the Crystal Slipper award and a nomination for the best dance production. Paolo Panizza’s production “Por Toi” reached the finals in the young directors’ category at the 2022 Venice Theatre Biennale.

The festival will take place from March 13 to June 17, 2024. The program will be continuously updated!

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Tickets are available at Piletikeskus.