Dramaturgy as User Experience Design. Marion Jõepera töötuba

26.04.2021 – 28.04.2021
kell 11:30

Dramaturgy as User Experience Design

3-day zoom-workshop (April 26–28) by Marion Jõepera


Mon 26.04 11.30-14.00, 15.00-17.00

Tue 27.04 9.00-14.00, 16.00-18.00

Wed 28.04 11.30-14.00, 15.00-17.00

Working language: English

Day 1 of the workshop focuses on creating journeys and user experiences with dramaturgical means.This is the theoretical part where we look into the meaning of journeys and journey creation, and into details used to design a journey with a user/audience in mind.

Touching on topics like user experience design, postdramatic theatre, journey design, the unknown, and many others, we look at how dramaturgy gets implemented in various forms of theatre, and mostly, outside of its borders, from audioguides and street games to designing services, public spaces and beyond.

Day 2 is a practical day where everyone is encouraged to leave their desks in the first half of the day (the actual task will remain a surprise.)

Day 3 is a feedback day for the previous day’s task, also providing a summary of everything covered in the workshop.

Attending the workshop gives 3 ECTS.

Marion Jõepera (1982) is an experienced adventure/experience dramaturg. She received her PhD from Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2017 with the thesis „Creating and Directing Spatial Perception as one of the Main Tools of a Postdramatic Dramaturg”“. some years ago.

Only 15 participants.

For registering, please send an email with your full name and organization/position to liina.jaats@eamt.ee

More info: ktkdk.edu.ee

This masterclass is supported by the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre EMTASTRA project (European Union, European Regional Development Fund).