Super Collideri kursus. Helisüntees SuperCollideri abil. Alejandro Olarte

07.04.2022 – 10.04.2022
kell 10:30

ALEJANDRO OLARTE (Helsingi Kunstiülikooli Sibeliuse Akadeemia, Soome)
7. aprillil kell 10.30-14.00 ja 18.00-21.15 A-219
8. ja 9. aprillil kell 10.30-14.00 ja 16.15-19.30 A-219
10. aprillil kell 10.30-14.00 ja 15.00-16.30 A-219

Alejandro Olarte is an electroacoustic musician devoted to pedagogy, artistic research, live performance and digital lutherie. He is currently teaching electroacoustic music at the Sibelius Academy, Center for Music and Technology of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

Alejandro took his bachelor’s degree from 2001 to 1995 at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, where he studied classical guitar and electroacoustic music under Ramiro Isaza, Roberto Garcia, and Horacio Lapidus. In 2009 he graduated in generative improvisation and musical acoustics from the National Conservatory of Paris, where his teachers were composer Alain Savouret and engineer Charles Besnaionou. A year later, in 2010, he completed his master’s degree in musicology and computer music at the Paris University VIII Vincennes Saint-Denis under Horacio Vaggione and Anne Sedes. Finally, he obtained his doctoral degree in music under the supervision of Andrew Bentley with a project called „Elements of electroacoustic music improvisation and performance“ at the Sibelius Academy of the Helsinki University of the Arts in 2019.

Alejandro’s special interests are electronic experimental music, sound art, computer music, performance art, experimentalism and cross-disciplinary collaborations. He is particularly passionate about using supercollider and modular synths.