Online workshop “Introduction to Artistic [Practice Based] Research”. Prof. Ana Sánchez-Colberg

20.11.2023 – 22.11.2023
kell 16:15

Online workshop “Introduction to Artistic [Practice Based] Research”,
with Prof. Ana Sánchez-Colberg (PR Director Andanza Digital Department and
Choreographer in Residence, Puerto Rico)

Monday November 20
Tuesday November 21
Wednesday November 22, 2023
at 4.15-7.15 pm daily via Zoom (the zoomlink will be sent by Ana Sánchez-Colberg to the registered participants)

Please register HERE by November 14.

The seminars offer participants an introduction to the specific paradigm of ‘artistic research’.

Session 1: We will discuss the key terms that serve as the critical framework to understand the specificity of the activity undertaken as ‘artistic research’.
• What is practice?
• What is research?
• What is artistic research and how does it differ from other modes of scholarly inquiry?

Session 2: In Day 1 we established the critical framework, in this seminar we will consider the implication of pursuing artistic research in relation to:
• The exposition of the research
• The methods of the research.
• The concepts and compositional issues that arise from the process

Session 3: we will explore the frame of ‘phenomenology’ as a ‘metaframe’ that underpins aspects of artistic research in its re-evaluation of the triadic relationship between artist/object and its ‘audience/public’, central to artistic research.

The seminars are delivered online; through breakout rooms the group will work on practical tasks as well as engaged in peer-to-peer dialogue.

Credits for the full course: 3 EAP

The event is organised by the Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts, supported by the ASTRA project of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre EMTASTRA, 2014-2020.4.01.16-0043 (European Union, European Regional Development Fund).