Loeng. The Portrait of the artist as a citizen. A new vision of artistic activity in France. Christiane Louis

29.04.2022 kell 14:30

CHRISTIANE LOUIS (Head of career development unit – Cité de la musique-Philharmonie de Paris)
29. aprillili kell 14.30-16.00 C-405

The general theme concerns the relationship between the requirement for excellent artistic training and the imperative of cultural democratization for artistic chamber ensembles. It includes a brief overview of the organisation of cultural policies for classical music (cultural institutions, funding, labour market and employment of musicians with a focus on the central place of festivals, importance of cultural awareness actions as a matter of artistic innovation).

The inclusion of this subject in the training of young musicians with various examples and experiences from conservatories and professional support structures (CNSM of Paris, Académie d’Aix, Proquartet etc).

After studies in Literature and Information sciences, Christiane Louis began a career in the field of social science research as Head of Documentation Department for public research centres. As a free lancer, she worked with several cultural institutions as Georges Pompidou art Centre, the Cinémathèque française, film festivals, and specialized cultural reviews. In 1996, she joined the Cité de la musique to lead and develop the musical information services. The current “Pôle métiers de la musique” offers a wealth of information via the dedicated website, and personalised advice or guidance on the artistic and cultural environment : musical studies and training, jobs and activities, professional networks, funds and cultural policy.

Since 2005, she has been leading a professionalization programme for musicians at the Cité de la musique-Philharmonie de Paris. It focuses on the initiation and implementation of an artistic and cultural project, and more broadly, on the development of a musical career in relation to the socio-economic environment and the expectations of cultural policies.Over the past ten years, its expertise in the professionalization of musicians has been asserted in the musical sector. The “Pôle métiers” is involved in various professional workshops in conservatories (CNSM Paris and Lyon), Pôles supérieurs (Paris, Aubervilliers, Bordeaux), music academies (Aix en Provence) or universities (Sorbonne, Tours), and conducts training activities with professional support structures for musicians (Association Jazzé Croisé, Bureau Export, ProQuartet, Orchestre de Paris).