Markus Truup

This solo performance is inspired by the tragic hero King Oedipus, the man, who tried to escape the fate that the oracle had foretold him: he would kill his father and marry his mother. The harder Oedipus fought to escape his fate, the more he was swallowed by it. Unable to see the bitter irrefutability of his destiny, Oedipus could only blind himself.

Constant dissatisfaction with myself.
FOMO (Fear of missing out) that grows into a conviction.

Struggle to be the best and for others to acknowledge it.

These are some of the components that make me a perfect consumer in this capitalistic machinery. Theoretically, I want to rest, but in reality, I only work more. And when I’m not, I escape from myself into a million screens. I dissolve in consumerism. I’m on sleeping pills to battle insomnia, caffeine and nicotine to stay awake. Is it possible to break this chain? Paraphrasing J.G. Ballard: “…if one must escape it should be into ones inner-cosmos, into the bright lightshow of madness”.

Markus Truup was born in a little South Estonian village called Vana-Roosa. In 2018 he graduated the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre as an actor. After graduation, he worked for a year as a freelancer. As of this year, he is a part of a brand-new ensemble in a theatre called Von Krahl.

Music: Tõnu Tepandi, Markus Truup

Premiere on 1st February 2020 in Von Krahl Theatre (Tallinn)