Marshall Stay


There is a multitude of influences, research topics, inspirations, and themes that have flowed to and from in the creating of this work. Yet, what we’re left with is a piece of theatre that shows almost none of them explicitly, but has their souls living inside of it. Much like myself in this creative process, and much like Oedipus – the original motherf*cker – the less you know, the better. 

“Do not take them away from me.” 

Oedipus’ final words to Creon 

Marshall Stay is an emerging physical performer, theatre-maker, actor, director, photographer, and videographer hailing from the sunny shores of Australia. He first became interested in the performing arts after viewing the annual high school musical and deciding that it was the best possible way to meet girls. Since then, he has performed in Brisbane as an independent artist, as well with the Shake & Stir Theatre company before receiving an offer to study the Bachelor of Performing Arts (Performance Making) at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) in Perth. At WAAPA he trained in Butoh-inspired methods of Suzuki and physical theatre, as well as acting, writing, directing, and design, and discovered a love for integrating his performance skills with technology and musical composition as an integral element of the creative process. 

Text: „Oedipus the King“ by SOPHOCLES (translated by Ian Johnson, 2004) 

Music Composition by Marshall Stay 

Premiere on 1st February 2020 in Von Krahl Theatre (Tallinn)