Katia Skylar
10 000 KISSES


Created and performed by Katia Skylar
Text: Katia Skylar, Saida Désilets
Scenography and costume design support: Linda Mai Kari
Sound: Wilson Tanner Smith
Movement collaboration: Karl-Joosep Volmerson
Lighting design: Rommi Ruttas, Jari Matsi



…and then she told me that there is something more to it, something that makes a difference, creates questions and invites to dance in a waterfall high up in the mountains. I was not quite sure how to move on, how to discover the way, how to forget the borders and dive into the ocean fearlessly, surfing the waves and breathing with my every pore. She said it is about seeing eyes closed. And it starts with the leaves falling into darkness, and with jade shining from within. It is on you – to dare.

Someone is busy spelling hallucination on the floor while letting sounds out. You disturb me with your tak-tak-tak! Can you stand someone’s joy? Why cannot you handle the sounds of pleasure but happily replay over and over again the sounds of pain and fear and terror and anger? I’m just enjoying the smell of a flower, folks, it’s okay!


Thank you: Saida Désilets, Giacomo Veronesi, Hannes Langolf and all CPPM guest artists, CPPM family.