Kreete Tarmo


Created and performed by Kreete Tarmo
Lighting design: Rommi Ruttas, Jari Matsi
Costume support: Epp Vislapuu


You are hungry, you struggle.
You get sick, you struggle. 
You get injured, you still struggle. 
You want to learn something, you struggle.
You want your dreams to become true, you struggle.
You are stuck, you struggle.
You are at work, you are super tired, you need to focus, you can not, you struggle. 
You can’t sleep, you struggle. 
You are in a relationship, you struggle. 
You are not in a relationship, you struggle. 
You study, you improve, you practice, you choose, you fail, you stay strong, you cry, you push, you nail it, you still struggle. 
Struggles do not finish. One gets solved, new ones come up, if they did not already. There’s no struggle, there are struggles.

This solo is going to be about enjoying struggles. That’s the intention. The intention to enjoy struggling. 

„You have to love and enjoy what you do, otherwise is doesn’t pinche matter“ – GP

Thank you: CPPM, guest artists, Giacomo Veronesi, Jüri Nael, Rommi Ruttas, Enar Tarmo, Helen Reitsnik, Dongbin Lee, OMAsaal, and definitely some other lovely people.