Silvia Marazzi


Created and performed by Silvia Marazzi
Set and video design: Kristel Zimmer
Assistant set design: Linda Mai
Lighting design: Rommi Ruttas, Jari Matsi
Video: Rebecca McCarthy, Kymbali Williams
Costume design: Karl Joonas Alamaa


For you poetic souls seeking for pleasure

look for me at the end of the night
look for me in the dark silent side
look for me in the hypnotic dance loop
look for me when the curtains drop
look for me in the dreamy daytime
look for me in love at first sight
look for me through your skin
look for me in the moving spine

diffraction of the imagination
be my eyes I’ll be yours


Thanks to: CPPM, Giacomo Veronesi, Jüri Nael and all CPPM guest artists.